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President Roosevelt's Emergency Bank Bill Passed By Congress 1933/03/09

Published 1933

"Washington, DC: First sound pictures of the epochal opening of the special session of the Seventy-third Congress, the elevation of Representative Henry T. Rainey of Illinois to the Speaker's Chair, the reading of President Roosevelt's dramatic message calling for immediate banking legislation, and striking scenes of the president as he signs the resulting banking bill less than eight hours after his call for action to relieve the financial crisis. Meanwhile, in all parts of the country, philosophical citizens cheerfully make the best of the situation and transact business on a 'credit and carry' basis, while 'barter marts' brow and flourish." Congress deliberates on the bill , signs in stores, guitar traded for apples, police and people on the street. (silent partial newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual silent, b&w


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